Bubba Mosho Jerky

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Our journey with Bubba MoSho Jerky began humbly in the late 1970s just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. George Mosho, a US Marine and engineer with a passion for beef jerky, started experimenting with marinating and drying beef as a hobby. George passed down his recipe and techniques to his son, David, who continued the tradition with his own twist on flavors and marinating techniques.

When the pandemic hit, David, then the Director of Security at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston, SC, rekindled his jerky-making hobby as a friendly challenge. He wanted to show his co-workers and gym members that his family's marinades and drying processes produced far superior jerky than what they could buy at the grocery store. The result? A jerky craze that spread like wildfire through the Low Country of Charleston!

Word of Bubba MoSho's amazing jerky spread, and soon David was overwhelmed with requests he couldn't keep up with from his home kitchen. That's when he knew it was time to take this hobby to the next level.

In late 2022, Bubba MoSho Jerky officially hit the market. Just three months later, in March 2023, this homegrown Charleston business earned the honor of being featured at the famous Historic Charleston City Market, bringing their small-batch artisanal jerky to the masses.

Bubba MoSho Jerky is made with 100% USDA certified beef, marinated in small batches and processed at a SQF Level 3 facility. SQF-3 is the Safe Quality Food Institute’s highest kitchen certification and recognized globally.

FREE Shipping on 4+ bag purchases! Discount code: BUBBA